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My First Time Being So High In The Sky!


Hey, world! It’s Lora.

Today’s post is dedicated to something very exciting which happened to me recently, so be prepared for a little story time now. 🙂

Some of you may know from my last summer’s post (Summer Adventures Chapter 1 – Touching The Sky) that my grandpa (George Obretenov) is a pilot and a retired parachutist. He has 8 world records in skydiving. He was a coach of the Bulgarian national skydiving team and he has more than 4 500 jumps. I am a proud granddaughter! ❤

So last week, we went to the airport where he works. There was going to be a training for some parachutists who were preparing to jump. Grandpa managed to talk with the pilot who agreed to take me on the plane with them!


Imagine how excited I was! First, because I’ve never flown on such a big plane (I’ve only been in smaller ones). Second, I have never seen how parachutists jump from above (I’ve always watched them from the ground). And third, because I’ve never been so high in the sky – 3 000 m!


This was definitely an unforgettable experience and I’ll remember the feeling I had when I was up there forever. I felt butterflies in my stomach and I was a little bit nervous… but also… FREE! For the first time in a while, I could think clearly and see the world from a different spectrum with my eyes wide open.

When we got above the clouds, I imagined the airplane as one big bird with its wings spread in the air. It felt like we were on top of the world. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment…


I even captured the parachutists waiting for their jump… I wonder what were they feeling?


I’m grateful for this once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Being able to experience all of this was all I could ask for… ❤


xoxo, Lora


How To Have An Awesome Summer!

How To Have An Awesome.png

Hey, world! It’s Lora.

GUYS, IT’S FINALLY SUMMER AND I CAN’T BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT! ❤ I finished ALL of my exams (including the English PET Cambridge exam) and I can now enjoy my free time without worrying about anything. If you still have tests going on at your school, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you because I know the struggle. Everything will be fine, trust me! ❤ It’s been a long and tough school year. However, I’ve never been so excited about the upcoming summer days. That’s why I wanted to show you some marvelous ways to make your summer a little bit more awesome. In this post I’ve also included several activities which I personally love to do in this season, so I hope you’ll like them too. Let’s start!



Many people choose to be lazy in summer but staying active is really important for you and your body. It may sound like a cliché but it actually isn’t. 🙂 Taking advantage of the good weather and using it to do a sport will definitely be a plus for you. A great way to stay active in summer is to join a camp or a sporting activity. The possibilities are endless. You can always search online or visit the local sports centre to see if there’s a camp or a course in your area. Last summer, I did this and I found a dance group which I joined. About two months later, I also attended a dance camp and it was so much fun! Even if you are not keen on camps and courses, you can always do some of these activities with your friends:

  • riding bicycles
  • hiking in the mountains/ having a walk in the forest
  • swimming
  • playing volleyball in teams
  • jogging together

реадинг гиф


That’s definitely something I love to do in the beginning of every summer vacation. I simply create a list which includes the books I would like to read in the summer. Sometimes I use Goodreads (which in case you don’t know is a really cool website for bookworms) to challenge myself to read as many books as I can by setting a “goal” in the Goodreads system.

reading challenge 2017

Our school has a required summer reading list to complete. However, I enjoy creating my own. Sharing the books you’ve read with your friends and spending time in the local library (which I just looove to do) are two awesome summer activities for you to try out!




I don’t wanna sound like your grandma but there’s a variety of fresh fruits growing during the summer (especially here, in Bulgaria). And I particularly love sneaking into my grandpa’s garden and picking off some berries or figs. I recently found some wonderful lemonade recipes on Pinterest which are perfect for the hot summer days. You can make them with different fruits and flavours, so don’t mind clicking this link and checking them out! 🙂



Bonfires are my guilty pleasure! It’s not like I love to light up things on fire… *awkward silence*… I actually do! (especially if they are my ripped up old homework) 😀

However, my family, friends and I do this every summer and it always turns out great. On my last birthday grandpa lit up a campfire and we roasted steaks and s’mores. I highly recommend you trying out the idea this summer. I guarantee you that it will be lots of fun! Even if you’re not a fan of bonfires, you can always find a peaceful place for you and your friends to make a picnic.

Lora 027


Резултат с изображение за SNAIL MAILSending real letters to your friends (a.k.a. using the “snail mail” = letters delivered by postal delivery services) is one of my most favourite summer activities. If you’ve never sent a letter through the post, I challenge you to do it this summer! It’s a more personable way to communicate with somebody and keep in touch with everything that’s happening in their life. You can decorate your letter or put something else in the envelope (a bracelet or a packet of candies). Plus, the letters you’ve already received are a great summer memory. You betta keep them! 😉

Well… I hope you enjoyed reading my super duper long post. Let me know in the comments what is YOUR favourite summer activity and if you’d like me to post more of these! ❤ Wishing you a lovely day!

xoxo, Lora

47 “Inspiration” Street


Obzor. A small Bulgarian town on the coast of the Black Sea. A place that will stay forever in my heart. “Nothing special”, you’ll probably say while passing by Obzor with your car down the highway. But you’ll never know what secrets this town hides unless you take some time to explore its magical streets. What you’re going to feel is actually unbelievable… I’ll never have the power of the words to describe my feelings during our sea vacation this summer. It wasn’t the lively town center or the beach that impressed me. The quiet streets did. Those long and narrow streets with apple trees beside them. Those same streets where no cars drive along… where a smiling elderly would reach out his hand through the fence to give you a fig that he has just picked from his garden… where people live simple. Simple things. That’s it. Happiness is hidden in the most unexpected places.



I saw many places during our holiday but my mind captured this calm neighbourhood near the sea which somehow attracted me. There were old abandoned houses, young families and lush greenery. I could feel the spirit of this place. I could see history just in front of me. This place was a combination of past and present and I was a part of that change…




I had a wonderful time spent in Obzor and I’ll definitely come back for more inspiration. It’s incredible to see such a place where time has stopped but life is still pure, simple and meaningful.

xoxo, Lora

Summer Adventures Chapter 2 – A Day by The Pool


Hey,world! It’s Lora. ❤

This is Chapter 2 of my blog series – Summer Adventures. You can check out the first part here. I do a lot of fun activities in summer and sharing them with you is something I love to do.

Every summer, we go to a really nice pool with mineral water near the town. The pool is actually in the forest which makes the atmosphere there even more calm. The place is so picturesque and magical! You can have fun in the water and then, go for a walk in the forest.


Last month, my brother and I were exploring the woods near the pool, when we saw a horse nearby! Luckily, there was a fence between us, so we weren’t in danger. I took my camera and made this picture for the blog. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to capture this special moment.


We also found  a cute little kitten that we were kissing and hugging all day…


In the hot summer days by the pool, I like to protect myself from the sun. I usually use sun spray SPF50 for skin protection and a pomegranate & raspberry EOS lip balm for lip care.




Here’s a funny picture of my brother who is relaxing in the warm water. He enjoys the days spent by the pool just like me.


I have to go now. I’m wishing you a lovely day full of adventures! I would love to hear about your summer adventures. Don’t forget to leave me a comment. Bye! ❤ xoxo, Lora

Summer Adventures Chapter 1 – Touching The Sky

Hey,world! ❤ It’s Lora. You know what? I’m starting a new kind of blog posts – Summer Adventures. I do a lot of fun activities in summer and I want to share them all with you. So yesterday… I FLEW ON A PLANE!! My grandpa (George Obretenov) is a pilot and a retired parachutist. He has 8 world records in skydiving. He was a coach of the national skydiving team and he has more than 4 500 jumps. In summer, he often takes me and my brother on short sky trips like the one yesterday. I love being high in the clouds! I haven’t been on a plane for a long time and the experience was different now… when I’m older. I can say that it was even more interesting! We flew over the town of Montana and saw the river that flows across it, the dam and the stadium. It was time well spent with my grandpa…those precious moments in the sky are just unforgettable.

Grandpa is my hero… ❤

xoxo, Lora