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~My Christmas Holidays~


Hey, world! It’s Lora.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m so thankful to all “My Messy Blog” visitors and I’m wishing you a lot of happiness and wonderful moments spent with your families. Thanks for your support and kind words! This school year was very stressful so far. Happily, it’s that time of the year in which I can finally have a rest and be with my family.

Let me tell you about my Christmas. It all started on 24th December (the first day of our vacation). Mum, dad, my brother and I wanted to spend the holidays with our grandparents who live in a different town – Montana, so we packed some luggage and started our trip. On our way to Montana we stopped at Starbucks and as you may know, I’m a big coffee lover. I just couldn’t help trying the Caramel Machiato drink in their new X-mas cups. We then travelled for 4 hours and basically spent Christmas Eve on the road. But it was worth it because I finally got the chance to see grandpa and grandma. ❤

I was curious to learn more about Santa Claus’s journey and I found this awesome site NoradSanta.Org which keeps track of his magical sleigh. I watched him live and it was awesome! We also had a wonderful dinner with the whole family.

On the next morning, my brother and I woke up early and started opening our presents. I received fantastic gifts which I’m very thankful for. I spend the day talking with everyone on different topics and playing games with my cousins. Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday! ❤ Wishing you warmth, happiness and beautiful moments! Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Lora


Merry Christmas! /sorry it’s late/

Merry Christmas, guys! ❤ I’m so sorry that it’s a bit late but…. you know me…I am always late. It’s just my computer /it’s broken/ and all that holiday thing /i am obsessed with the christmas decorations/ and I just didn’t have time for my blog. I will do all my best to be more active like before. 🙂 Happy Holidays again! I hope in your town there is snow… 😦 because here we don’t have any. I really wanted a ”Snowy X-mas” but the weather is good here and it is even hot. It’s a bit strange… my brother wanted to make a snowman but he couldn’t. I wish you received great presents. I got a new phone – Huawei y5 and I really like it. I have never had a smartphone before. I am so happy! 😀 😉 I also got chocolateeee. ˜yummy˜ 😛 and some other stuff. Please write me in the comments below what you received. I’d love to read your comments. You can also tell me how you celebrated Christmas with your family. 🙂 Hope it was nice… Bye! C ya soon! ❤

–Lori :))