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15 of my favourite non-materialistic things in life

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Hey, world! It’s Lora.

As I’ve said before, I’m trying to appreciate even the simplest things lately because I realized that I need to change my mindset into a more healthy and positive one. I’m still on my ”journey of gratitude” but I promise I’m getting there, guys! 😀 Consequently, I decided to write this little list of non-materialistic things I love about life and share it with the world to spread some good vibes.

1. Having deep conversations with your friends about life

2. Eating ice-cream straight from the tub while watching your favourite TV show

3. When the bus driver sees you running and waits 10 extra seconds to let you in

4. Taking a long hot shower while imagining different scenarios in your head

5. When you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin for a day

6. When you’re listening to music in the car and you imagine that you’re in a music video

7. When you suddenly feel like everything in your life is going to work out and you’ll be fine

8. When the day is sunny and you can feel the sunshine touching your body

9. When you finally get enough sleep after a long tiring week

10. When your best friends hype up your Insta selfies with comments like “Slayy” and ”#goals”. Like, I’m totally up for that girl power!

11. Having a sleepover with your buddies

12. Watching the sunset

13. Having a ton of inside jokes which only you and your squad understand

14. Falling asleep in the car and then, waking up at the final destination

15. When the teacher gives YOU as an example of what your classmates should be like (and you feel like a god for a moment)

I hope you enjoyed this list! ❤ I would love to read about your favourite non-materialistic thing/moment in life, so feel free to leave me a comment. Wishing you a lovely day!

xoxo, Lora