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5 things I learned in my freshman year of high school

5 things I learned in my freshman year of high school

Hey, world! It’s Lora.

I’m right on the finish line of my freshman year in high school! Ahhh, it was a pretty tough school year… one of toughest, to be honest. However, in my opinion every single effort was worth it because I gained SO MUCH knowledge. That’s why I decided to share my experiences and some of the things I learned with you…



» Hard work pays off. That one may sound like a cliché but I’ve proved myself a thousand times that it’s totally true! I’ve always been a hard-worker and this school year wasn’t an exception. I really pushed myself to my limits and kept going forward despite being lazy at certain times. Thanks to my hard work I can now worriless enjoy my summer vacation without constantly regretting all of the times I could have studied. My advice to you is to do what you gotta do NOW. You’ll thank yourself later. 😉

» Another very important thing, that I learned in my freshman year, is that there are people who will stay with you for your true self. They are rare (I feel like I’m talking about pokemons), but once you find them, you should treasure them. I’m truly happy that this school year I surrounded myself with good energy and friends who accept me the way I am. This environment really helped me stop worrying and start growing.

» Having a friendly relationship with your teacher is key. I’m not talking about being unnaturally sweet and kind or fawning over your teacher… but rather trying to actually build a connection with them. Participating in class, asking questions and helping them out (even if it’s just a small task you were asked to do for them) creates trust between you and your teacher. Teachers like people who are diligent and are willing to work hard. So this is extremely beneficial to you when it comes to your final grade for example, because your teacher might consider raising up it up if it’s low.

» Taking care of your body is essential. I’ve always been a night owl but this school year I tried to stop neglecting my body and give it the proper sleep it needs. I managed to change my sleep schedule a little and I’m so proud of that! Freshman year would have been a disaster if I hadn’t made that change in my lifestyle. So I advice YOU to take care of YOUR mind and body in order to feel happier. 😉

» Freshman year also taught me to cherish every moment and be grateful for it. I experienced so many things that were unfamiliar and completely new to me, I found new friends, learned a new language, travelled abroad… Throughout all of these adventures, I somehow became aware of the amazing opportunities I was given and that made me cherish them even more.


I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts. I would love to know what did you learn this school year, so please leave me a comment. Wishing you a lovely day!

xoxo, Lora