My Favourite Book Character

“What makes Sherlock Holmes’s personality so interesting?”

by Lora Veleva

Sherlock Holmes is a great detective who is famous for his talent for solving difficult cases and mysteries. His job is his passion and that’s the way he helps people – by catching the evil criminals and making people feel safe. He is highly intelligent and he thinks logically. That helps him find clues and evidences that no one else can find. But sometimes it isn’t so easy for him and he walks and walks around his room for hours, thinking about the case he is working on. For example, in “The Sign of Four” there’s a part of the story when old lady Mrs Hudson and Dr Watson are talking downstairs in Baker Street’s house. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes is walking around his room upstairs and they could even hear his steps.

Except Holmes’s great detective skills, he also has a really interesting personality. He is a detective who plays the violin and likes smoking cigarettes. He often dresses like other people too. In one of his adventures the famous detective is disguised as an old sailor. People can’t even recognize him. He is a strange and mysterious person and that makes his personality so unique. With the help of his friend Dr Watson he can solve every case! Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of all times and my favourite book character. He is my inspiration.

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