15 Struggles Only Book Worms Understand

Hey, world! It’s Lora. ❤ And I’m here with something new! You know I’m a book worm, right? Being a book worm is actually pretty awesome because you learn a lot from the books you read but it comes with some struggles…

1. Running out of space for your books

lee pace book gif


2. Deciding which book to get from the library and then getting all of them


Walt Disney

3. Every single time you go to the library you are like:

bell gif

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4. Being interrupted while reading.

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5. Losing your place when your bookmark falls out

цхарлие гиф

New Line Cinema

6. Realizing that new books smell good

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7. Dealing with the death of your favourite character

tfios 2


8. People spoiling about the end of a book you’re reading

Walt Disney

9. Being asked what your favorite book is and you can’t pick just one

20th Century Fox

10. Being obssesed with a book that you’ve read


The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

11. Forgetting about the world while reading a really interesting book

реадинг гиф

Cartoon Network TV

12. When the movie adaptation is totally different from the book

Image result for angry gif


13. When someone who doesn’t like books joins a book worm chat just to make fun of it

you're banned

Fox Broadcasting Company

14. Finding out that someone you like “doesn’t read”

Comedy Central

15. Finishing a book and realizing you live in the real world and not the book’s world

20th Century Fox

Hey! Looks like you’ve reached the end. I’ve never made meme posts like this one, so please tell me in the comments what do you think about it. I would love toread your opinion. ❤ Bye, guys! xoxo, Lora

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