My Puppy


Kara’s first photo at home (16th October 2015)

In October 2015, my family bought me a dog. I’ve been wanting a dog for about five years and finally, I got it. I am now the happiest kid in the whole wide world. I am so glad that I have that little puppy at home – it’s the best feeling ever! Kara is a one year old miniature schnauzer from the Ukraine kennel “Great Mate”.




She’s so smart and cute. Kara is now eleven months old and we spend every day together. She’s my best friend. I can say, that Kara is my whole world and she’s a part of our family. It’s great to know that whatever happens, she will always be there for you… She will lick you and pick you up when you’re sad. And when everything turns bad in your day, Kara is still there, waiting for your hugs. She’s truly my best friend ever.



Give me 5, man!


I am so happy spending my time with this little hairy friend. We go on walks, play games and learn new tricks. She is my everything. And when I get back home, after a long hard day, that’s all I want to see – my puppy, jumping and hopping around, happy to see me and ready for a walk outside.



Kara with her friend Vova

Recently, Kara attended her first dog show and she did fantastic! It was a specialized dog show only for schnauzers. She won first place in her category and received a CAC! We’re all so proud of her. ❤



This is Kara. My light. My world.

kara bebe

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