Hello, I’m Lora Veleva and this is my blog. I founded “My Messy Blog” wayyyy back in 2013. Every day, I grow and challenge myself, so I can become a better version of me. Here you’ll see all of my hobbies and interests (+ some fun pics included).

Welcome to my world!

P.S. I wish this wasn’t such a one-sided conversation. So I’m going to pretend we’re in Starbucks, meeting for the first time. Got your frappuccino? Ok, me too. :))


As a little kid, I’ve always loved reading and this is something I do every day. I really like criminal books and Sherlock Holmes is my favourite character (damn, detective skills goals!). My favourite authors are John Green, Roald Dahl, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Astrid Lindgren.


I started dancing hip-hop in Street Dance School “The Center” about three years ago and this is my passion. I can say, that dancing is a way of life and I really mean it. While I am dancing, all my thoughts and problems disappear and there’s just me and the music. It’s something that I can’t describe and only a dancer can understand.


I also dance in main’A’ Crew with 12 other girls. On 16th April 2016 we won first place in our category in the world dance competition ‘Dance Star’. What an achievement?


I feel like I’m bragging a little, so here’s an awkward photo of me and my dance friend to keep us humble…


Wanna see me dance? I can show you a few videos. Check them out!

I am a person, connected deeply with Art. It is my way to be free in a world, dependent on technologies. My way… to express my thoughts and feelings. Art is something I can’t live without, it is a part of my routine (just like sleeping and breathing).


As I started writing about Art, I love drawing and that’s another way I express myself and my feelings. Of course, with the help of some paint and paintbrushes. 🙂

little town drawing


In October 2015, my family bought me a dog. She’s a miniature schnauzer and her name is Kara. She’s such a cutie (that sassy beard tho…). Kara is now one year old and we spend every day together. She’s my best friend. ❤


I have a little brother called George and he is eight. He loves creating his own machines and inventions. I am a proud sister!

lora i gogo

So this is me. Lora. Hope you enjoy reading about all of my adventures in life.

loras eye

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