Hello, I’m Lora Veleva and this is my blog. I founded “My Messy Blog” wayyyy back in 2013. Every day, I grow and challenge myself to become better. That’s exactly why I created this site – to document my growth and all of my exciting adventures.

Welcome to my world!

P.S. I wish this wasn’t such a one-sided conversation. So I’m going to pretend we’re in Starbucks, meeting for the first time. Got your frappuccino? Ok, me too. :))


As a little kid, I’ve always loved reading and this is something I do every day. I really like criminal books and Sherlock Holmes is my favourite character (damn, detective skills goals!). My favourite authors are John Green, Roald Dahl, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Astrid Lindgren.


I started dancing hip-hop in Street Dance School “The Center” about three years ago and this is my passion. I can say that dancing is a way of life and I really mean it. While I am dancing, all of my thoughts and problems disappear and there’s just me and the music. It’s something that I can’t describe and only a dancer can understand.


I also dance in main’A’ Crew with 12 other girls. On 16th April 2016 we won first place in our category in the world dance competition ‘Dance Star’. Such an awesome achievement, right?


I feel like I’m bragging a little, so here’s an awkward photo of me and my dance friend to keep us humble…


Wanna see me dance? I can show you a video. Check it out!


My connection with art is deep. It is my way to be free in a world, dependent on technologies. My way… to express my thoughts and feelings. Art is something I can’t live without, it is a part of my routine (just like sleeping and breathing).


As I started writing about art, I love drawing and that’s another way I express myself. Of course, with the help of some paint and paintbrushes. 🙂

little town drawing


In October 2015, my family bought me a dog. She’s a miniature schnauzer and her name is Kara. She’s such a cutie (that sassy beard tho…). Kara is now one year old and we spend every day together. She’s my best friend. ❤


I have a little brother called George and he is eight. He loves creating his own machines and inventions. I am a proud sister!

lora i gogo

So this is me. Lora. I hope you enjoy reading about all of my adventures in life.

loras eye

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