Frightfully-Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas!


Boo! It’s Lora here and I can’t believe there’s only one day left until Halloween. I’m already feeling the holiday “spirit” and I can smell the candies. Some of you may have not found their perfect costume yet, so I’m here to help. I’m pretty much not a Halloween expert but I have some awesome costume ideas for you to try out. I think they’re easy to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies. It’s never too late to create a faboolous look and impress your friends, so let’s see some of my ideas!


1. Crazy Scientist

If you want to dress up like a crazy scientist, you’ll definitely need a lab coat and a pair of plain dress pants. Give yourself a wild-looking hairstyle and pull it up. No mad scientist look would be complete without a set of weird glasses. You can also choose some accessories to complete your look. Try carrying a clipboard, calculator or even a laboratory flask with a colored flavored drink. For more instructions and ideas visit this page. They show exactly how to create your Halloween costume step by step. I’m sure it will help you a lot.



2. Pippi Longstocking

Awww…Pippi! That’s my favourite Halloween costume of ALL TIME! Since I was little, I’ve always been her for Halloween because I really love the book. I somehow find my personality close to Pippi’s. The most recognizable thing about her appearance is her hair – red, messy and braided, but you don’t have to be a “red-head” to rock this costume. Braid your hair into two pigtails and slide a wire through them, so they can stick out. Next comes Pippi’s outfit. Wear a short denim dress with patches or overalls, if you can’t find a dress. Select a pair of knee-high socks in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Make sure to mix and match them. To replicate her famous freckles on your face, use an eyeliner pencil. When I wear my Pippi costume, I like to add a monkey toy – Nelson!


agent3. Secret Agent

Making a secret agent costume is a great last-minute Halloween choice because you already have everything needed at home. For this look, you’ll have to wear a long coat (preferably black), dark trousers and a hat. If you want, instead of the hat, disguise your face with a mask of your choice. Wear sunglasses and carry on a suitcase where you can hide all of your spy gadgets. Add a tie and boots to complete your costume.



mime4. Mime

If you want to surprise everyone on Halloween, a mime costume would be brilliant! It’s one of the simplest costumes to create, so you won’t have to put a lot of efforts into it. Wear black trousers or overalls, black shoes and a a black and white striped shirt. You can also add a hat of your choice (for example, a beret) or even a pair of white gloves. Once you’ve chosen your outfit, it’s time for the make-up. Apply white base to your face and put on a bright red lipstick on your lips. Add some black decorations below one or both of your eyes. That’s it! You can find some help here.



5. Nerd

The nerd Halloween costume is as simple, as the mime one, so you won’t find difficulties putting everything together. Two words – “nerd glasses”. Glasses are compulsory for this outfit, so make sure you have a pair of them at home. Wear a collared shirt and a pair of trousers. Your pants should be just above the ankle so that your socks are visible.Buy colourful socks or even mix and match ones that you already have. Instead of trousers, you can also put on a skirt. Once you have nailed the basic look, use some accessories. Carry books, pencils, pens and a backpack with you. 


6. Baby

Ahhh…The baby costume. That’s what I’ll be disguised as this Halloween. I love the idea and I think it’s very original. I chose to wear oversized overalls and a pink T-shirt. I added a toy and a pacifier to complete the look. My hair is on two high pony tails. I decided to create a scary baby look, so I put some eye shadows under my eyes. You can check out this page for more information and ideas. 🙂


pocahontas7. Native Girl / Pocahontas

This was my last year’s Halloween costume. I wore a blue dress and grey tights. I also had a bow and arrows to brighten up my native girl look. You can see how I did my make-up on the picture. I made this hairband myself by using different colours and putting a feather on the top. I love this Halloween costume and it is very easy to create.


8. Creepy Dolldoll

The most important part of this costume is definitely your make-up. Find a way to make your eyes look bigger just like a doll. Wear fake eye lashes or a ot of mascara. Apply blush to your cheeks to make them rosy. Add some freckles and a pink lipstick. You can braid your hair or just curl it. Traditional dolls wear patterned dresses with buttons, so if you have one, it would be perfect! You can also carry a toy with you and stare at people’s faces to make them feel uncomfortable. 😀 For a creepy look, add some fake blood and splash it on your dress.


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10. Doctor / Nurse Seriously-Cute

To create a doctor/nurse Halloween costume you’ll need a lab coat. Your costume will be incomplete without the right accessories, so make sure you have them. Wear a stethoscope to complete the look or put a mask on your face. If you want to be a scary doctor, splach some fake blood all over your lab coat.



These were all of my costume ideas! I hope that I helped you find your perfect look. Witch-ing you a spook-tacular Halloween and lots of candies! Have fun with your gang and let me know how are you dressing up as for Halloween. Bye!

xoxo, Lora


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