Summer Adventures Chapter 1 – Touching The Sky

Hey,world! ❤ It’s Lora. You know what? I’m starting a new kind of blog posts – Summer Adventures. I do a lot of fun activities in summer and I want to share them all with you. So yesterday… I FLEW ON A PLANE!! My grandpa (George Obretenov) is a pilot and a retired parachutist. He has 8 world records in skydiving. He was a coach of the national skydiving team and he has more than 4 500 jumps. In summer, he often takes me and my brother on short sky trips like the one yesterday. I love being high in the clouds! I haven’t been on a plane for a long time and the experience was different now… when I’m older. I can say that it was even more interesting! We flew over the town of Montana and saw the river that flows across it, the dam and the stadium. It was time well spent with my grandpa…those precious moments in the sky are just unforgettable.

Grandpa is my hero… ❤

xoxo, Lora


About Lora Veleva

Hello, world! I'm Lora and this is my blog. I am a 14-year-old hip-hop dancer with a passion for reading. Here you will read about all of my adventures in life. So what are you waiting for? Have fun, explore and enjoy! :)

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  1. Cool, lucky you have a grandpa who a pilot xD

  2. What a beautiful post and the amazing accomplishments of your grandpa! How special to be able to spend quality time with someone you love that much! The amazing lessons he has taught you and keeps teaching you! Lucky girl you are! Best wishes and keep on blogging. You truly have much to teach the world through your eyes! Peace, Koko 🙂

    • I hope I am a good student of my grandpa because he is a wise man. He can not only teach me how to fly but he can be my guiding light… Spending time with people that we love is so precious. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! xoxo, Lora

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