NEWS CREW – Snow Leopards!

 Hey, Jammers! Today I decided to show you something new – a News Crew article. I never post the news crew articles but today I want to show you one because it is about snow leopards. I really love them! They are my favourite animals! ❤ So here it is, I copied it from The Daily Explorer…



Crouching Arcticspirit – AJ Reporter
Hey jammers! Crouching Arcticspirit here with a report on our favourite frosty friends…. Snow Leopards! Now that they’re back in the diamond shop, snow leopards are what everybody’s talking about! So without further ado, here are a few facts about snow leopards!
The scientific name of the snow leopard is Uncia uncia. They love to roam the snowy mountains of Central Asia, and have very large paws that function as snow shoes to stop them from sinking into the snow. Unfortunately, there are only 3500 to 7000 snow leopards left in the wild! This makes snow leopards an endangered species. They are very rarely seen, and are most active at dawn and dusk. Also, did you know that snow leopards can’t roar? I certainly didn’t!
Their coats are a beautiful shade of gray or white, with black spot patterns all over their fur. Did you know that no two snow leopards have the same fur pattern? Wow! When they sleep, they curl their tails around their bodies like a scarf! A snow leopard’s coat is very suitable for the harsh environment that these majestic creatures inhabit. It is very very cold in the mountains! In the summer months, leopards will stay high in the mountains, but in winter, they will come down from the mountains and inhabit the forests!
Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for today. Make sure you pick up a snow leopard from the diamond shop, and remember to have fun! Until next time, jammers!

∼Crouching Arcticspirit∼


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