Inside Out Party 2015

Hey! Inside Out Party 2015 started two days ago and I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to make this post earlier but I had BIRTHDAY! ❤ And yeah.. that’s why I’m making it today. Let’s start! When you log in Club Penguin, Gary and Rockhopper will appear on your screen and say ↓


Click ”Ok” to continue. Hey look! That’s Joy! 😀


She will give you a special bag to carry all the Rockhopper’s memories (that he lost). Click ”Claim” to receive your new bag. 😉 Joy has another present for you too but you can get it only if you are a member.


So do you want to help Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger to find all the lost memories? I do and I’m sure that you want help too! Click ”Start” to start the adventure. ∼^.^∼


For the first happy memory we must go to ”Imaginationland”. Here it is!


I think that you will easily find all the memories but I will show you a picture where the memory ball is. The happy memory is in the eye of that skull there. 😀


When you are ready, get back to the Headquarters. Click the light in the center of the room to send the memory to Rockhopper’s head. 🙂

happy memory

So now you must play a game with blocks to earn a reward at the end. 😀 The aim is to move the blocks and to push the yellow block into the memory tube. It is not that hard! ⭐


When you finally finish the game, every character (Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear) will show a memory. Joy shows you a happy memory, in which Rockhopper finds his pet puffle Yarr.

It is almost the same with all the five characters but only the memory balls are hidden in different places. I also found two pictures on the net that will help you find the other memories. It is shown the place where the sphere is and below is written on which island you can find it. The pictures are not mine, there are of another blogger (Penguinn2 – P2).

Sadness Anger


Disgust Fear


You will also receive an ”Emotional background” that you can use for your player card. 🙂


Finally, you must go back to The Dock. Gary will thank you and also….*drums*…. Rockhopper will give AWARDS! 😀 Which are only for members. 😦 But don’t worry, Rockhopper has prepared a small award for the non-members too. 😉


If you forgot to get an award, don’t worry! You can always open your memory bag which is on the right top corner and get your item. 🙂


There are also new emoticons with the emotions. They are great!


Ow! I almost forgot to tell you that when you have finished all the five missions and you go to the Headquarters, you can click on one of the five characters and he/she will play a sound and send you an emoticon. And because my favourite is Disgust (I know it’s strange!) I will show a picture with her ↓


I hope I helped you! ❤ And don’t forget to tell us which one of the five emotions is your favourite – Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger or Fear! Bye! :mrgreen: Waddle on!


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