PSA training missions – 1- 4 back to Club Penguin! :)


Hello! :mrgreen: Are you ready for the news? The PSA training missions are back to Club Penguin. For now there are only missions from 1-4. But soon we will have the opportunity to play missions 5-8. Yay! XD If you want to play the missions, you can open your spy gadget and click on the yellow button below.


When you click it, you will come here:

elite penguin force

So the missions are at the right corner where there is a sign: ”PSA Missions”.


Gary will be there to help you. I also found some videos to help you pass the missions easier. I hope that you will have fun playing all of them! 😉

Mission 1 – Case of the missing puffles

Mission 2 – G’s secret mission

Mission 3 – Case of the missing coins

Mission 4 – Avalanche rescue

Good Luck, Agents!


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