AJ Academy – Salt Dough Fossils!!!


Hi, guys! :mrgreen: I am a bit lazy today… so… I copied the text from The Daily Explorer of Animal Jam. Sorry for that. 😉 I hope that you will like AJ’s idea for a fossil and try it. You can also send photos of your fossils at home. We would love to see them and publish them.

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Hey Jammers! This June we are stoked to be learning all about dinosaurs and fossils – we’ll have lots of cool crafts and experiments every Saturday.
Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million years ago. Most of what we know about dinosaurs comes from their fossils! Fossils are the remains of a once living animal or plant. These fossils are formed over millions of years – layers of sand and silt bury the remains and these layers harden into rock. Bones of a dinosaur become fossilized as minerals from the ground replace materials in the bone. Over time, the Earth’s crust may move, bringing these fossils up towards the surface where they wait to be discovered.

Paleontologists, scientists who study these fossils, may be interested in dinosaurs or other creatures that once lived on Earth. Fossils can include bones, plants and even trace fossils like tracks or coprolites (the scientific word for fossil poop!)
Try making your own trace fossil by clicking the link below!
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